Our major goal is to provide a one stop supply chain management solution to clients to enable them conduct their businesses in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

TRANEX, a provider of comprehensive supply chain solutions offers international and domestic distribution of documents, parcels and cargo as well as allied logistics solutions such as Warehousing, Inventory management, Mailroom management and Out-sourcing. We offer speedy delivery of all shipments entrusted to our care, security of shipments, through strong domestic network, reliable international links, personalized and flexible service, all at competitive prices, we give value for money and offer concession for volume shippers.


TRANEX has in its employment 360 highly trained and motivated employees. We are committed to developing the talents of our people through sound management and training practices while rewarding them with equal opportunities for all. We offer our employees a challenging, stable and safe work environment that encourages them in the achievement of their personal goals as well as TRANEX corporate goals.


TRANEX offers logistics support to over 450 key players in the public and private sector that cuts across all industrial sectors. Satisfying our customers’ needs is fundamental to our survival and propoerity. We are committed to offering our customers the best value for money and at the most competitive prices. We will strive towards meeting their needs by anticipating their needs , constantly introducing innovations to our service and facilities that will help them meet their objectives at a minimum cost. We wish to remain services providers of choice to our key customers and to establish long lasting business relationship based on quality, performance and integrity.


With over 4,000 institutional and individual shareholders, we are committed to providing our shareholders with progressive returns on their investment and improving profitability through investment in service delivery improvements and new technology. Our goal is to constantly protect shareholders’ investment and earn a return on investment well above average of key players in our industry.


Our suppliers are partners in our efforts to develop market share by fulfilling customers’ need. We are committed to working closely and retaining suppliers on long term business relationships based on strict quality, competence, honesty, meeting of delivery commitments and competitive pricing in their dealings with TRANEX.. We commit to meet our obligations to our suppliers in accordance with mutually agreed terms and conditions.


Growth is an important means by which we satisfy the interest of all stakeholders and ensure the sustainability of the business. We are committed to growing our revenue by 25% because for us, no growth means extinction.


Profit generated by our business is the primary source of the funds required to fund our business and a determinant of our viability. Consequently operating at a loss presupposes that we will not be able to achieve our corporate objectives.

Our growth objectives is to earn 14% operating profit before tax and 12% after tax. This will enable us finance our business and offer returns to our shareholders.


Currently ranking 4th in the industry of 255 players, we are committed to a higher rank and growing our market share in the various sectors largely dominated by the international players. This we will achieve by innovative products, providing superior service and quality reporting based on the latest technology in the industry.


TRANEX is committed to offering on-time deliveries at all times. Our success is dependent on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is dependent on our delivering high quality services. The achievement of high quality service is determined by ensuring that our processes are constantly updated in line with current practices, strictly adhering to such processes throughout the delivery chain, and the commitment of our employees.


TRANEX is committed to supporting the well being of the community where it operates as well as the protection of the environment. This we shall achieve by lending effort and support to worthy causes of humanitarian nature, and sustainability of good and safe environment.


The achievement of our above stated goals and objectives will create the environment and economic means to satisfy the interest of all stakeholders. We are committed to the achievement of these goals